Integration of GeoMQTT in geospatial technologies

With the GeoEvent-driven architecture and GeoMQTT, contemporary (geospatial) technologies can receive real-time GeoEvents.

The dissemination mechanism of GeoMQTT allows the interconnection of different producers and consumers of GeoEvents by an event bus. Producers and consumers of GeoEvents might be sensors attached to IoT objects, but can also be software systems or human users. Therefore, different GeoMQTT clients were realized to enable participation of a wide range of systems.

Besides IoT devices, various GIS and SDI software may connect to the GeoEvent bus. For instance, a QGIS plugin for receiving GeoEvents in a desktop GIS solution was implemented. Further, a REST interface and an adapter for Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) services allow requesting historic GeoEvents or publishing GeoEvents by HTTP. Also, a Web Processing Service (WPS) server was enhanced to enable GeoEvent stream processes in real-time. GeoEvent can be directly received in browsers by a WebSocket Client.